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Drought and Conservation

Southern California is nearly always in some state of drought. At this time, it is categorized as “extreme”.  QHWD has prepared for this. We have water reserves in a water bank, and a state approved Urban Water Management Plan and Water Shortage Contingency Plan. Our goal is to meet the requirements set forth by the state and ensure our ratepayers have sustainable water for all essential use, and in the bet case scenario, for all their uses. During the most extreme times of drought, we have regulations and guidelines we must follow.

At this time, the Governor has proclaimed a Drought State of Emergency and Executive Order N-10-21 (both also on this page), calling for voluntary water usage reduction of 15%. Together as a district objective, we can do it.  Everyone is encouraged to do their part and make changes that will help us all to set us up for the coming even more dramatic times of Drought Emergency.

We are currently in Stage 1 but expect this to escalate, and will keep you advised of any changes to this status.

Water Log

Not sure how to read your meter or what those numbers mean? This form can help! It provides an easy way to monitor your own water use on a daily basis.


We gave classroom visits available to teach about conservation and why water matters! Please contact Debi Pizzo for more information!

Water Use

What does a 20% reduction in water use look like? Click the button below for more information

Do I have a leak?

How do I read my meter?

Thanks to OTAY Water District.

How to detect a toilet leak. 

Thanks to Concord General Services.

DWP video that discusses where out water comes from.    While not all of this information is the same for QHWD, the main idea and how we get water is pertinent. Thanks to tadapix and LADWP we can demonstrate infrastructure and how water we need to purchase gets here through the Calfornia Aqueduct (State Water Project).