Understanding Your Water Bill (Effective 3-2021)

Your water bill is comprised of a flat monthly rate, and a usage charge on a tiered water budget.  The current flat rate for a residential customer with a 3/4” or 1” meter is $30.03 per month.

Tier 1 (Indoor) Each month, we will calculate your indoor water budget at 52 gallons per person per day (gpcd).  Based on the census data for our district, we have given everyone a base allotment of three people. If you have more than three full time residents, you may complete an Adjustment Application for Occupants to increase the number.

Tier 2 (Outdoor) Your outdoor water budget calculation is based on the County Assessor parcel and GIS data. The irrigable area is multiplied each month by the ET factor for the same month. This number is derived from Lancaster and  Palmdale CIMIS station data of the last three years.      

Tier 3 Use: Any usage over the Non-Essential up to 150%.

Tier 4 Use:  Any usage over the Inefficient Tier.


Multiply by Unit
Tier 1
Indoor Allotment
Tier 2
Outdoor Allotment
Tier 3
101 – 150%
Tier 4 Greater than 150% 3.87