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Core Values

Vision: Whether something will occur five minutes, five years or five decades, we will take a proactive approach we will take actions to be prepared. We will honor the history of Quartz Hill Water District in doing what those before us have done: free our minds to think of what can be possible and not be constrained by what has or has not worked in the past. We will be flexible, adaptable and prepared for what is possible.

Respect: We will listen, honor and value each other, our customers, our community and our environment. We will earn respect by acknowledging and validating the rich and diverse experiences of others and by always acting in a fair, thoughtful, inclusive and non-judgmental manner.

Integrity: Our word is our bond. In all our endeavors, we will act in the best interest of the public and our community with honesty, transparency and candor.

Excellence: In all we do every day, there is only one standard – to perform flawlessly both as individuals and as teams in order to be the best in every aspect of our operations. Doing anything less than our best is disrespectful to our customers, our employees and our mission.

Legacy: Our future is based on our duty to pass on the heirloom of a secure, reliable, high-quality water operation for generations to come.  We are steadfast in our commitment to mastering our craft and offering superior value to our customers.


     Our culture is a combination of these values, our experiences, our rich history and our common mission. These value statements are more than words; they are the ideas, aspirations and beliefs that guide us every day, lead us to the future and provide a measure against which we can hold ourselves accountable.