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Forms and Records

Moving into our District? 

All forms the homeowner will need to complete are found below.


Every new account requires a Deposit or Credit Report.

Please call for more information and exact amount.


Download Our Service Forms Below:

• Application for Water Service (PDF)

• Application for Water Service (Online Form)

• Adjustment Application (PDF)

Adjustment Application (Online Form)

• Important Applicant Information Letter

• Welcome to the District Letter

2021 New Applicant Packet (includes all of the above)




We get many calls about how to get started building in our District.  

First things first, call and verify your project is within our District Boundaries. If not, we’ll try to direct you to the correct district or in order to begin the annexation process to become a part of our District. 

If you are developing a parcel map or tract map, rather than a single home, you will need to download our District Specifications book (click here).  This will ensure your engineering firm will have the most up to date specifications required.

A meeting with District Management regarding your project is next. You can contact the Board Secretary, Debi Pizzo, in order to get on the Board Agenda in order to request a Will Serve Letter.  From there, you can count on her to direct you to the right person to handle any concerns, questions or simply give you more information about “what’s next?”.  661-943-3170