The Quartz Hill Water District was formed May 20, 1954. The District is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of five members elected at large. The District provides service to residents within the district situated in and adjacent to the unincorporated area of Quartz Hill, California

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Allen G. Flick, Sr. President 2022
James D. Powell, DDS Vice President 2022
K. Michael Scott Director 2024
Peggy Powell Director 2022
Sheldon Carter Director


Debi Pizzo Secretary Appointed
July 2008


Our Board of Directors receive dental and vision insurance benefits, as well as $100 per approved meeting attended as compensation.  

Director Cost of Benefits Compensation 2020
Carter, Sheldon 1629 1200 $235.77
Flick, Allen 1023 1200 $2,613.72
Powell DDS, James 629 1300 $1,766.12
Powell, Peggy 929 1200 $1,766.12
Scott, K. Michael 1023 800 $2,725.32


District Organization Chart