How we calculate your bill.  The Basics of Allocation Billing or Water Budget billing.
A water allotment or allocation is the expected amount of water that a customer will need for a specific month, based on the lot size of each customer.

The monthly "budget" will vary due to seasonal outdoor watering needs.  It is important to remember that a customer will only be billed for the amount
of water they use regardless of what your actual budget is. 

Strong strategic management allowed us to hold the tier cost steady for 18 months. 

Effective January 1, 2020 The AVEK pass-through increase is 7.5%.  As a result of our ongoing committed effort to find the most efficient operational methods, we are only passing through a 2% increase, averaging only  $0.97 per month.

Tier Name
% of Water Budget
Multiply by Unit
Tier 1        
Base Rate
Indoor Allotment or essential use
Tier 2 
Outdoor Allotment or non-essential use
Tier 3 
101 - 130%
Tier 4
Greater than 130%




How your bill and your allotment work together:

Indoor allotments are fixed at 4,200 gallons per month, UNLESS an Adjustment Application has been submitted for an increased amount of water due to a residence including MORE than 3 full time occupants, in which case the indoor allotment has been adjusted accordingly, (1,000 gallons per additional person, 500 gallons per child for childcare facilities).

The outdoor allotment is, as stated above, based on the square footage of the lot and allows for the amount of water required per square foot to maintain a healthy landscape of moderate water usage plants within our climate zone.  The annual amount allotted is calculated as follows:
The first 5,000 square feet of lot receives 19 gallons per square foot per year
The next 9,000 square feet of lot receives 17 gallons per square foot per year
Square footage over 14,000 will receive 14 gallons per square foot per year 

For example purposes we will assume that a particular lot is 12,500 square feet and there are no more than 3 people living in the home.  Based on this information the total annual outdoor allotment would be 222,500 gallons and is calculated as follows:

The first 5,000 square feet of lot x 19 gallons per square foot   =  95,000 gallons annually 
The next 7,500 square feet of lot x 17 gallons per square foot  = 127,500 gallons annually
             12,500 square foot lot                                                 222,500 gallons annually
Now add in indoor allotment for 3 people at 4,200 gallons
per month x 12 months  = 50,400 gallons annually                 = 272,900 Total annual gallons  

Each month you are allowed a different percentage of the outdoor allotment based on historical data, cimis station informations and weather factors.  You can find these numbers on the work sheet under forms and records.