Saturday, Dec 10, 2016

Board of Directors

Our Board is comprised of 5 members of the District, elected to a 4 year term.

President, Allen Flick


 Allen G. Flick, Sr., President

 Starting in 2005, Allen Flick was elected to the Board of Directors and has proudly served as the President since.  “My platform was to insure every rate payer has the purest water possible, at the lowest rate possible.  By working cohesively with other Directors and the highly qualified management team, we have accomplished this goal to the present day. I believe we have built Quartz Hill Water District into one of the best districts in the valley. We are fiscally sound with an excellent credit rating of AAA-.  We are a district that is strong today and moving into the future. “

President Flick feels very proud that facing challenging times of the current drought situation, the District has been able to stay strong by thoughtfully planning ahead for this situation, adding wells, water storage, water banking (emergency water), turf replacement programs, rebates, and water conservation.

“My special thanks to you, the rate payers who became our partners in making this plan successful. As President of the board, again I would like to thank you for this opportunity to serve you now and into the future.”




James D. Powell, DDS, Vice President


As a native of the Antelope Valley, I am concerned about out natural resources and the quality of living the great AV. 

We must be good conscientious stewards of all resources. 








Director Sheldon Carter


Sheldon A. Carter

Sheldon Carter joined the Quartz Hill Water District Board of Directors in December 2015.  Sheldon has been an Antelope Valley resident for 24 years, and a Quartz Hill Water District customer for 14 years.  He looks forward to involving himself on behalf of the District residents to help continue the long history of top quality, affordable water. Sheldon is employed as a Logistics Engineer/Logistics Program Manager with Northrop Grumman Corporation. He holds an Associate’s Degree in Avionics Systems Technology from the Community College of the Air Force, a Bachelor's Degree in Professional Aeronautics Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Project Management from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. Sheldon has also earned credentials as a Certified Acquisitions Project Manager (CAPM) from the University of California, Irvine. 

Sheldon is a retired non-commissioned officer of the US Air Force, where he served 20 years of honorable service to his country as an avionics systems technician, aircraft developmental test evaluator and aircraft operational suitability test program manager.

Sheldon is active within the community as a former candidate for Lancaster City Council, Lancaster Criminal Justice Commissioner, member of the Lancaster Sheriff’s Community Advisory Council (LSCAC), Lancaster YMCA Board Manager and Director of the Antelope Valley Republican Assembly. Sheldon has also actively participated in local youth organizations as a coach and board member for the West Valley Rebel Youth Football League. He and his wife, Lisa, have one amazing son, Donovan. 

Director Peggy Powell




Peggy Powell

I have lived in the A.V. for nearly 45 years and am a mother of five.  In 2005, the Quartz Hill Water District needed change. I got involved and made the change. It has been a pleasure to serve on the board now for eleven years.” 






Director K. Michael Scott


K. Michael Scott

In 2006, I was appointed to the Board of Directors to fill a vacancy. I am not a politician but took this opportunity to represent the views of the typical homeowner of our Quartz Hill Water District. It has been my intention to create policies that are fair to the homeowner and protect the District.”  Michael has worked in concert with the other directors and with the educated advice of the District Managers to find a balance that allows the District to be able to navigate the state water conservation regulations while mitigating the impact on the Rate Payers. “I have been fortunate to witness firsthand how strong policies can keep us providing the best quality drinking water at some of the lowest rate cost, while maintaining a balanced budget.”